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headlight lens restoration Draper

Most Draper drivers are dutiful about regular oil changes and have the oil filter replaced when their tech reminds them. But your car has thousands of parts and regular maintenance goes far beyond oil changes. Have you missed any of the following maintenance tasks?

Replace Wiper Blades

If you turn on your wipers and they just smear the dust and dead bugs around your front window, it’s time to replace the blades. If you do this every six months, you won’t ever get to the point where they can’t safely wipe your windshield in a rain or snowstorm.

Rotate Your Tires

Tires are a big-ticket home upgrade but many auto owners buy them, have them mounted, and then forget about them. A tire rotation service at Richins Car ProfessionalService is cost-effective and pays off by protecting your investment and extending tire life.

Check Headlight Lenses and Headlight Bulbs

Only replacing the bulbs does no good if the lenses are cloudy. Most motorists whose cars are a few years old don’t realize how significantly their headlight power has diminished. Talk to your service professional at Richins Car ProfessionalService about headlight lens restoration.

Check Your Tail Lights and Brake Lights

It’s easy to miss the back end of your automobile. Faulty brake lights can result in a crash or a fine. Let Richins Car ProfessionalService take care of these vital components.

The team of automotive professionals at Richins Car ProfessionalService handle these oft-overlooked items along with all other routine maintenance services your car needs. Our valued clients appreciate our quality work, fair prices, and timely turnaround. Call us at 8015711111 to schedule an appointment.

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