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Do you use a smartphone? If you do, there’s a good chance that your mobile device is running on either iOS (Apple’s operating system) or Android (Google’s operating system). Google and Apple aim to get their operating systems just about anywhere there is a person and a screen. Now that so many new automobiles offer cutting-edge touch screens in them, these two companies have jumped at the opportunity to bring their technology to yet another market!

Looking for a new car? Is it worth it to pay more for a vehicle that has Android Auto or Apple CarPlay? Or would you be satisfied with what comes standard?

Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and the latest standard infotainment centers have one primary purpose and that is to deliver all the functionality of your mobile device onto the screen of your automobile. All three of these platforms use Bluetooth to connect to your phone and then seamlessly sync your phone to your vehicle. This allows you to get calls, texts, music, navigation and much more directly to your car interface from your mobile device. Many third-party apps on your phone will also work from the car interface.

At Your Service

The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto voice assistants serve you with the primary advantage over standard infotainment systems. Siri from Apple and Google access from Android Auto offers  functions. Both let you reply to texts, make and take calls, and control your music all with your voice.

You can ask Apple CarPlay and Android Auto voice assistants just about anything and they’ll find an answer.

Want to find a restaurant nearby? Ask either Siri or Google and it will present all the restaurants in the area without you even having to touch the screen. Need directions? Simply say the location and it will place the address into the navigation system. These assistants are what really set them apart from the standard technology.

How Are They Different?

In the unlikely event that you are willing to change smartphone operating systems depending on which car interface you choose, what are the serious differences?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto take different approaches to how music is played. If you have a clear preference for either Apple Music or Google Play Music, this could be a deciding factor in your choice. For navigation, as expected, Android Auto uses Google Maps and CarPlay uses Apple Maps. This simple fact may also be a dealbreaker for one or the other. Keep in mind however, that as of this writing, both systems are very new and will change and improve with time.

Apple CarPlay is only compatible with iPhones and Android Auto is only compatible with Android phones, while standard infotainment systems are oftentimes compatible with any cell phone that has Bluetooth. If you’re a diehard iPhone user, Apple CarPlay is a great option because the user interface will be extremely familiar. If you’re an Android user, you’ll also find that Android Auto does not have a user interface as similar as on your cell phone, but it is still fairly uncomplicated to navigate.

If you’re not into all the bells and whistles that Android Auto and Apple CarPlay deliver, then you’ll probably be more than satisfied with the standard infotainment system that comes in your car. More importantly, for Draper automotive service that you will be more than satisfied with, we invite you to visit Richins Car ProfessionalService.


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