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VIPs such as politicians and celebrities at risk for attack are generally at their most exposed when they are away from their gated homes. If they traveled in normal autos, the dangers that come with their status would be challenging to prevent.

Thus, the birth of the legendary armored car. Today’s post is about the cars and SUVs that offer the ultimate level of safety when traveling.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to armor a car?


Guns are one of the major threats faced by these men and women. Firearms have become so advanced that a bullet from some high-powered guns can easily pierce car windows and even go right through normal car metal and aluminum. Armored cars can be outfitted with bulletproof armor and even a clear, see-through material to replace the windows.

Indestructible Tires 

Another threat to a car is a flat tire. Tires can be slashed, shot at, or, as we all know, have a blowout just by driving over something sharp. Tires for armored cars are manufactured with a technology called run flat. If the tire does go flat, it can still run for up to 60 miles after it starts leaking air. Run flat tires can also withstand much more damage than standard tires.


Some armored cars are also rigged out with material that is built to withstand severe heat, fire, and other adverse conditions. Because the oils and gases that go into cars are extremely flammable when exposed to heat, these armored cars usually have engines that are built to prevent the leaking of these oils and gasses. This prevents fires and other possible engine issues.

Armored cars are obviously not for everyone, but if you are planning to move to a dangerous city (or start a new career as a gangster), there are plenty of organizations that can retrofit your current car with armor. As you can imagine, it’s not cheap to add these parts, but it is an option.

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