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Today’s post is for road warriors who have not ventured technologically beyond a phone charger plugged into their cigarette lighter. Fortunately, it’s never been smoother to conduct business from your auto. By investing in a few helpful gadgets, you can be more efficient and professional while working on the go.

Get Connected

You most likely realize that priority one is to connect to the internet. Most individuals have internet connection capability with their smartphones but tablets and laptops usually require Wi-fi or a wired internet connection. Mobile hotspots are Wi-fi enabled devices that allow you to take an internet connection just about anywhere. The newest car models are outfitted with mobile hotspots built in so you can always be connected through your laptop or tablet when you’re traveling. If your automobile isn’t equipped with one, you can choose from several after-market options.

With Bluetooth, you can connect your phone directly to your vehicle so that calls, texts, and notifications can play right over the car speakers. Plenty of cars have Bluetooth in them now and almost every smartphone or tablet is already Bluetooth enabled. All you have to do is connect your device to your car and then zero in the settings so that calls and notifications get routed through your car’s Bluetooth. Like mobile hotspots, if your vehicle isn’t equipped with Bluetooth, you can buy a third-party Bluetooth enabled car infotainment center.

Get Organized

After you have your Bluetooth and mobile hotspot operating, it’s time to tame all that paperwork. Glove box and console organizers help you organize documents and other files. Passenger seat desks provide a place to set your computer and any other office supplies. If you work in parking lots regularly, you may want the steering wheel mount laptop. Phone mounts hold your phone so you can monitor your notifications easily. Need to print or fax? Several organizations sell printers designed to be used in cars.

Low-tech Helps

One long time interior fixture for traveling sales people is a handy clothes hanger which will keep a suit or dress wrinkle-free and ready for your next meeting or sales call. If coffee is your fuel of choice, you might want to invest in a wireless heated cup to keep your beverage at your preferred temperature. An air purifier will keep your automobile from smelling like old french fries, and a headrest pillow makes a power nap more comfortable.

Sorry, You Can’t Type Up That Report While Driving

Don’t dismiss safety while having fun with all this technology. We probably don’t need to remind you not to look at your phone, tablet, or computer while you’re driving along, but we are going to anyway. (See, we just did!)

Your Most Important Device is a Reliable Car

If you travel for your position, it’s vital to keep up on routine auto maintenance. After all, a car full of capable tools won’t do you much good if your car is always in the shop. And you don’t want to have a breakdown far from a trusted automotive service center. Let Richins Car ProfessionalService keep you up-to-date on scheduled auto maintenance so your office-on-wheels is ready to take you safely wherever your work leads you.

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