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Recent studies have shown that the median household in the nation cannot afford an average-priced new vehicle. Graph after graph identifies the price tag of new automobiles going up much more sharply than the median household income. But why? Cars have always been cars. What has changed?

Safety And Emissions

Our today are safer and cleaner than they ever have been. This is good news for drivers and good news for Mother Earth. However, one consequence is the increase in prices for these cleaner, safer cars.


Carmakers know more and more each year about how to make cars more efficient and safer, and the cost of that research gets passed along to auto buyers. All of the engineers, scientists, and designers need to be paid for reviewing data and integrating new knowledge into car design and development.

What The People Want

It’s not just government regulation that ups the price of cars, consumers are demanding more and more from the they purchase. Amenities that would have been considered only for luxury cars decades ago are now standard. Gone are the days when “rolling down the window” meant actual work and cars were opened with things called keys. Today’s drivers want keyless entry and power everything.


One of the biggest demands put on automobile manufacturers is to incorporate more technology into new cars. Camera systems are practically universal and our automobiles now talk to our phones!

New cars are definitely costlier today, but in the end, we are driving significantly better vehicles. They keep us safer with things like standard airbags and stability control systems. They also run better (and longer) than the cars of decades past. Many automobiles can go 200k miles with standard maintenance and few major repairs.

Have you been able to buy a new vehicle? Or are you trying to keep your older automobile going for a few more years? Either way, Richins Car ProfessionalService is here to help you protect your investment with full-service auto maintenance and repair.

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